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Jewish Vienna: Map, Top Sights, and Walking Tours

Vienna Jewish tour: Synagogue Seitenstettengasse

Do you want to trace the foot steps of your Jewish ancestors, when in Vienna? Since the Jewish community in Wien goes back 900 years you’ll have plenty of sites to see. Here are the best places of Jewish Vienna to visit. Leopoldstadt Jewish Vienna. The former Jewish quarter was known as the ‘Matzoth Island’ of Vienna. During the Nazi Regime the inhabitants …

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Shopping In Vienna Austria: Finding Shops You Like

Shopping in Vienna: Mothwurf

Insider shopping in Vienna can be hard for the average traveller. Just assume you want to buy quality with a local flavor that you can’t buy anywhere else. On a quiet weekday afternoon I visited just two shopping streets in the fourth and fifth districts and discovered a dozen exciting places. If you like Austrian craftsmanship and local luxury design, …

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WiFi In Vienna Austria: Where To Find Free Wifi, and Safe Pocket Wifi

Wifi in Vienna: mobile wifi device

Wifi in Vienna is free through hundreds of access points – both public and private. Apart from that you can rent your own mobile hotspot if you want to communicate sensitive data or just be safe from potential hackers. If you live in the European Union, you can use mobile data networks of mobile phone operators in other EU countries …

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Central Cemetery Vienna – Visiting Zentralfriedhof

Johann Strauss' and Brahms' tombs

Central Cemetery Vienna. It sounds weird but nowhere else does Viennese history become so alive than at Wiener Zentralfriedhof. During a guided tour through the cemetery we traced celebrity musicians’ graves like those of Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, Falco, and of other famous Viennese.  Vienna residents have a reputedly tender relation with death. ‘Death has to be a Viennese…’ goes a …

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Boutique Hotels Vienna 2023: Why Cosy Up In These 8 Nests?

Schreiner's pavilion

Boutique Hotels Vienna 2023. Just as Vienna itself is a charming bolthole the city hosts a few brilliant retreats for an utterly private city break. From traditional, typical Viennese to contemporary designs. Whether in quiet side streets of the city center or atmospheric neighborhoods, you just need to unearth them. To skim the cream of boutique hotels use my updated …

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Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – How To Get Concert Tickets

Things to do in Vienna December: Musikverein

Clearly, there are no more elusive musicians than the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Because of their outstanding fame, experiencing the Wiener Philharmoniker live has turned into a life goal for many classical music fans.  If you want more than TV and live streaming,  find out how to bag tickets for one of the most famous orchestras in the world. Wiener Philharmoniker …

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Best Rooftop Views Vienna: Top 8+1 Panoramic Views of Austria’s Capital

Rooftop view from Vienna's Justizcafe

Best Rooftop Views Vienna. Before you climb up the wrong 300 stairs let me share from where to have the best views in Vienna. 1. Canteen of the Palace of Justice Best Rooftop Views Vienna. Certainly, Justizcafé passes for the weirdest and most ‘insider’ way to enjoy a rooftop view in Vienna;. In fact, the publicly accessible café is the canteen of …

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Vienna Restaurant Mezzanin 7: Private Dining Review

private dining Mezzanin 7

Private Dining: Vienna Off Menu Vienna Restaurant Mezzanin 7. “You made a mistake. This is definitely not the right place.” …I know how to read my friend Sandra’s odd looks. I pressed one of the many doorbells on a shiny brass plate of a town palace in Vienna’s ninth district. It was Sandra’s local neighbourhood that  she knows like the back …

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Secret Vienna Tour: Discovering Wien’s Hidden Courtyards

Secret courtyard

Secret Vienna Tour. Some of the most exciting corners in Vienna are the hidden courtyards right in the city centre. I had done a tour on my own before but felt that I stepped past the most intriguing places. I was right, as my tour guide proved. Regina met me at Schwedenplatz, our diving station.  She was determined to start our …

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Vienna Secession Building: What’s Behind The Scenes

Vienna Sights: Secession building

Vienna Secession. Whether you love good design, Art Nouveau or the smell of revolution, the Secession deserves a firm space in your itinerary. The Secession is the most successful provocation by Viennese architects and artists. It blends early Modernism and late Art Nouveau architecture like no other. The building’s stern white cubes boast gold-plated laurel leafs, owls and twirling lines, …

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