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Seegrotte Tour Review: Europe’s Largest Underground Lake

Vienna Woods: Seegrotte, blue lake

Seegrotte Tour Review. As soon as you have done Vienna sightseeing a boat ride across our underground lake should appear on your sonar. If you are a history buff with a hang for World War II and aircraft, or have children, sharpen your focus. I have toured the underground lake and former mine Seegrotte in Hinterbrühl with my family. Here is what you can …

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Burgenland Austria: Top Attractions And Outdoor Activities

Burgenland: Vineyards and Neusiedlersee

Burgenland Austria. For most travellers Burgenland is still uncharted territory. For us Viennese, the historic Land of Castles and its ancient Celtic wine culture represents a Southern escape: Thanks to lots of sunshine, vineyards, a rolling landscape, spas and Neusiedlerseee we use Austria’s warmest region for culture and wellness. Find out about Burgenland’s top attractions and outdoor activities, the best tours, and …

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Music Museum Vienna: The House of Music Reviewed

Music Museum Vienna: House of Music's interactive sound installation

If you are after a top music museum Vienna hosts the House of Music. This interactive place lets you explore the world of music in a uniquely comprehensive way: from the creation of sound and voice to musical instruments, composing music, and the stories of Austrian composers. In the lobby piano enthusiasts will even find a piano to play on. My …

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Vienna Opera Tour: Exploring The Unsung Story

Ringstrasse Vienna: Wiener Staatsoper

Why should you do a Vienna Opera Tour when you spend a night at the State Opera anyway? Well, if you don’t  you will miss half of the story: while you will experience the opera performance on stage, the opera house, its directors, guests and visitors have their own story to tell. To get the full view, I joined the Staatsoper’s …

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Vienna State Opera Guide 2023: 5 Must Knows, 3 Good-To-Knows

Vienna State Opera: auditorium

How to book Vienna State Opera tickets and what is the dress code at Wiener Staatsoper? For classical music fans like probably you (and me) a night at the opera is one of the best ways to spend an elegant evening in my hometown. As a matter of fact, the Vienna State Opera powers world famous opera singers, the world’s …

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Vienna Insider Tips: 10 Local Favorites In Wien

Vienna Insider Tips: Museum of Folks and Folk Art

Vienna Insider Tips. Because culture goes beyond tourism attractions build local favorites into your sightseeing agenda. To make each insider tip relatable an ‘insider twin’ compares to each of 10 of Vienna’s best known attractions: A similarly beautiful attraction that comes without the crowds and will turn you from tourist to traveller. 1. Schönbrunn Palace – Hermesvilla Vienna Insider Tips. Schonbrunn Palace …

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Vienna New Year Concert: Reviews And How To Get 2024 Tickets

Things to do in Vienna April: Wiener Musikverein

Each New Year’s Day, millions watch the illustrious Vienna New Year Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on TV. IT’s no secret that concert tickets are tricky to get and carry a price tag. Is it worth the time and money to experience the Neujahrskonzert? And how to get tickets if you were not successful in the online drawing? I …

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Hapsburgs Museum of Furniture: Imperial Vienna On The Go

Hapsburgs Museum of Furniture: Biedermeier room

The Hapsburgs Museum of Furniture (Hofmobiliendepot) introduces you to historic lifestyle through applied arts: The Imperial depot  revives 300 years of upper and middle class interiors, marked by the Hapsburg (or Habsburg) family. Find out between pompous footstools, silk upholstered chairs, showcase salons, bedrooms and travel thrones what mobility felt like for the Emperors, their family and bourgeois Vienna. Imperial Vienna On The Go The …

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Is There A Vienna Language? Viennese Dialect Explained

What language is spoken in Vienna, and Austria? Since Austria is a German speaking country, Vienna talks German, too, with its own soft accent. Viennese German is large phonetically different, the vocabulary and grammar are almost identical. Because most Austrians learn English in school they speak it fairly well. In Vienna, you will definitely get by speaking English. More specifically, …

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Augarten: Exploring Vienna’s Forgotten Treasure

Vienna Sights: Augarten and air defence tower

What is there to see at Vienna’s Augarten? From fine Viennese porcelain in Europe’s second oldest porcelain manufactory to a manicured baroque garden and a World War II Air Defence Tower. These are just some of the local treasures that have been hiding from tourist swarms. Here are five things you can do there: 1. Stroll Through Oldest Baroque Garden …

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