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Stephansdom: St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

Stephansdom: St. Stephen's Cathedral

Actually, the story of Vienna’s Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) also tells the story of Vienna. Not least because it has been around for 900 years and is a key local landmark. As a native I instinctively associate ‘Steffl’ with mundane things like cream wafers, radio and school kids rattling charity moneyboxes in the streets; but you will get the key …

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Empress Sissi in Vienna: Guide For Kaiserin Elisabeth Fans

Empress Sissi in Hungarian coronation dress

›Where in Vienna should you go if you like Empress Sissi of Austria? Is the Sissi Museum worth your time? Below I am sharing the best local places where to trace Habsburg’s Elizabeth of Hungary, aka Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Bavaria. To begin with, there are more stories about ‘Austria’s Diana’ as there are places in Wien related to her. On …

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Best Place To Live: Why Vienna Is (Not Quite) The Best City In The World

Best place to live: Vienna, Austria

Why is Vienna the best place to live? Because Vienna continuously occupies the top ranks of several world cities rankings it is often rated the best city in the world. This is mainly due to its high safety record, its modern and seamless public transport system, and environmental factors such as low pollution and lots of green space. Other than …

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Congress Vienna: Objectives, Participants and Outcome in Brief

Congress Vienna cartoon

Congress Vienna. To understand European history it’s hard to ignore the Congress of Vienna. For 10 months, Vienna became the center of the world thanks to this historic event. This overview lays out the objectives, participants and the outcome of the congress of 1814/1815. Significance Briefly put, the Wiener Kongress was one of the most significant international political summits in Europe.  After the Congress of …

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