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Vienna Art Wine Tour: Klosterneuburg Abbey On The Danube

Vienna Art wine tour: Klosterneuburg Abbey

Why do art, history and wine combine so well? That Vienna art wine tour I did in Klosterneuburg was admittedly an obvious match. What else would you do in Austria’s oldest wine estate that happens to be a monastery where the Austrian nation was forged, and that has been run by art aficionado clerics for 900 years?  Like El Escorial in Spain, Klosterneuburg …

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Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest Review

Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest

Hydrofoil Vienna Budapest review.  NOTE: This response from Mahart Passnave, the hydrofoil’s operator, landed in my inbox in May 2017: ‘We are sorry to inform you that we do not operate the Budapest – Vienna regular service any more and we do not have any information at the moment that there would be any other companies offering such a service.’ …

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Gustav Klimt Artwork: Guide to Top Paintings

The Short Guide To Klimt’s Art Are you as passionate as me about Gustav Klimt artwork? I was lucky enough to be born at the centre of his artistic work in Vienna. You are going to benefit from my Klimtmania with this one page appetiser: Gustav’s life in brief, what makes his art so brilliant and a closeup of his top 7 …

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Vienna Insider Walk: Pawlatschen Courtyards

Vienna insider walk: pawlatschen courtyard

Hidden Attractions in Vienna Vienna Insider Walk. A courtyards walk through some of Vienna’s historic Pawlatschen houses lets you discover some of the most charming hidden attractions in Vienna and is one of my top Vienna travel tips. Sneaking into publicly acccessible historic courtyards takes you off the beaten track. Many of these courtyards are in a central location and shopping area, such as …

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Imperial Vienna Tour: A Native’s Review

Imperial Vienna Tour: Hofburg

Imperial Vienna Tour. Does your travel itinerary leave space for 34 football fields, packed with prime landmarks and cultural treasures?  That is the size of Vienna’s Imperial Palace (Hofburg). Gertrude, a local tour guide, mapped out a special route to provide the big picture along with a few anecdotes of Imperial Vienna in two hours. Here is my review. A Family …

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Vienna Winter Palace of Prince Eugene

Vienna Winter Palace Prince Eugen: room with battleground paintings

The Vienna winter palace of Prince Eugen is an exquisite town palace in the city center. It is the perfectly located off-path treat during your sightseeing. I used 45 minutes of my time to review the dwelling of one of Europe’s greatest statesmen and warlords. Find out below what to see and learn at Eugene of Savoy’s baroque home. UPDATE: As of …

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Austrian Design Shopping: My Top Vienna Stores

Austrian Design Shopping: Dorotheum

Where to Buy Austrian Design Austrian Design Shopping. When back in Vienna, my design wish list is varied. I share some of the best addresses to buy Austrian design below. It includes places to buy original objects that are unique or express the local zeitgeist. MAK Design Shop Why it is good for Austrian design shopping. First address for Vienna shopping for design items; Unconventional …

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Austrian Jewelry Stores: Best In Vienna

Austrian Jewelry: Frey Wille

Austrian Jewelry In Vienna I have a hang for Austrian jewelry. Are you and me after the same prey? Here is a list of the best Vienna addresses for fine and fashion jewelry: original styles and craftsmanship that shines through. Skrein Why it’s good for Austrian Jewelry. Skrein’s hand crafted pieces are probably the most poetic Austria jewelry; you can watch the goldsmith at …

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Dirndl Dresses: Where To Buy Dirndls In Vienna

Dirndl Dresses: Lena Hoschek

Best Shops For Buying A Dirndl In Vienna Dirndl Dresses. When you visit Vienna, grab Central Europe’s most feminine garment. Styles go from frumpy to classic, stylish, historic, retro, sexy, to superkitsch. Here is sound advice from an Austrian folkwear enthusiast holding the flag for dirndl and co. on British soil. What Makes A Dirndl? A dirndl is a bodice dress, …

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Albertina Vienna Museum: 6 Highlights For Art And Gourmet Fans

Albertina Vienna

Every city has its boutique museums. In Wien, we have the Albertina Vienna, our little treasure chest of 19th and 20th century art, fine graphics, architectural sketches from Renaissance to Modernism, and Austrian vintage photography.  History And Collections The Albertina’s name comes from Count Albert von Sachsen-Teschen, one of Empress Maria Theresa’s sons-in-law.  Different from most traditional museums modern confronts traditional at the Albertina’s exterior: a wing-shaped ‘trampolin’ …

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