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Austrian Jewelry Stores: Best In Vienna

Austrian Jewelry: Frey Wille

Austrian Jewelry In Vienna Since I have a hang for Austrian jewelry are you and me after the same prey? Here is a list of the best Vienna addresses for fine and fashion jewelry: original styles and craftsmanship that shines through. Skrein Why it’s good for Austrian Jewelry. Skrein’s hand crafted pieces are probably the most poetic Austria jewelry; you can watch the goldsmith …

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Dirndl Dresses: Where To Buy Dirndls In Vienna

Dirndl Dresses: Lena Hoschek

Best Shops For Buying A Dirndl In Vienna Dirndl Dresses. When you visit Vienna, grab Central Europe’s most feminine garment. Styles go from frumpy to classic, stylish, historic, retro, sexy, to superkitsch. Here is sound advice from an Austrian folkwear enthusiast holding the flag for dirndl and co. on British soil. What Makes A Dirndl? A dirndl is a bodice dress, …

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Albertina Vienna Museum: 6 Highlights For Art And Gourmet Fans

Albertina Vienna

Every city has its boutique museums. In Wien, we have the Albertina Vienna, our little treasure chest of 19th and 20th century art, fine graphics, architectural sketches from Renaissance to Modernism, and Austrian vintage photography.  History And Collections The Albertina’s name comes from Count Albert von Sachsen-Teschen, one of Empress Maria Theresa’s sons-in-law.  Different from most traditional museums modern confronts traditional at the Albertina’s exterior: a wing-shaped ‘trampolin’ …

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Baroque Period In Vienna – Guide to Baroque Architecture, Gardens, Music And More

baroque period in Vienna: Jesuit Church

In order to unearth Wien’s culture, I’ll share some insight on the baroque period in Vienna. Unlike any other the baroque lifestyle has shaped much of my hometown, making it one of the best places in Europe to experience baroque and rococo art. Use this guide to baroque architecture, baroque gardens, baroque costumes and baroque classical music to navigate around town. Baroque Period In …

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Vienna Insider Tips: 10 Rare Wien Sightseeing Finds

Vienna Insider Tips: Museum of Folks and Folk Art

Vienna Insider Tips. Great Wien sightseeing goes beyond tourism attractions. Build some off guidebook finds into your sightseeing agenda that lead you off the beaten path. This page helps you do that. In fact, for each of Vienna’s top 10 attractions there is an insider twin: A similarly beautiful attraction that comes without the crowds and will turn you from tourist to traveller. 1. …

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Vienna Sightseeing: Top 10 + 3 Points Of Interest By A Native

Vienna sightseeing: Belvedere Palace

Vienna Sightseeing. Actually, even the core Vienna points of interest can be overwhelming. On top, a few of them embrace various football fields in size. For example, the whole historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Use this page to get an overview of must-sees and my own discoveries. Click on the headlines to kick start your travel preparations. If …

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Hapsburgs Museum of Furniture: Imperial Vienna On The Go

Hapsburgs Museum of Furniture: Biedermeier room

The Hapsburgs Museum of Furniture (Hofmobiliendepot) introduces you to historic lifestyle through applied arts: The Imperial depot  revives 300 years of upper and middle class interiors, marked by the Hapsburg (or Habsburg) family. Find out between pompous footstools, silk upholstered chairs, showcase salons, bedrooms and travel thrones what mobility felt like for the Emperors, their family and bourgeois Vienna. Imperial Vienna On The Go The …

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Wienerisch – Viennese Language In Brief

Wienerisch: Viennese family, 19th century

Wienerisch is Vienna’s regional dialect. You don’t need to speak it to get around there. However, understanding a few words and peculiarities will round your experience. You will hear Wienerisch at Vienna sausage stands, at neighbourhood markets and inns, and probably when you take a taxi. Some local wineries and concert venues host ‘Wienerlied’  (Vienna Song) singers. Even the Holy Bible has been translated into …

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Vienna Budapest Day Trip: Tour Review By A Native Viennese

Things to do in Vienna February: day trip to Budapest

If you go on a Vienna Budapest day trip you will explore yet another corner of the ‘Golden Triangle’ Vienna – Budapest – Prague. My day trip from Vienna to Hungary’s capital was enlightening. I could connect so many pieces of our common Central European culture, from coffeehouses and palaces to Pawlatschen courtyards. Find out how it was. Vienna Budapest Day Trip I joined a guided tour to …

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Vienna Salzburg Day Trip: Small Group Tour Review

Vienna Salzburg Day Trip: Mirabell Gardens

Vienna Salzburg Day Trip. Vienna is not Austria. To discover a different landscape, head for the region and town of Salzburg. As a native Viennese, I have covered that route several times, usually on my way to the Alps, or over a weekend. If you plan to go for a day and need a reality check for a day trip read my story …

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