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Vienna Spa Guide – Best Day And Hotel Spas And Pools

Vienna Spa Guide. While Vienna famously embraces the good life its wellness and spa part has quietly rippled under the surface. Hotel spas just add to a nice deal, and external day spas are being left to the locals. Hence, my independent spa guide selects some of the best spas and pools in Viennese hotels and beyond. To provide you …

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Table Foosball In Vienna: Best Places To Play

Vienna articles: table football places

Guest post by Mark Cop, Foosball Zone Playing foosball (‘wuzzeln’ in Viennese) is popular in Wien, and one of the best ways to meet locals and having fun with them. On top, Vienna hosts one of the biggest foosball tournaments, the “Vienna Open” every year. The tournament is playing in VHS Döbling in Vienna and it is approved by ITSF – foosball …

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Seegrotte Tour Review: Europe’s Largest Underground Lake

Vienna Woods: Seegrotte, blue lake

Seegrotte Tour Review. As soon as you have done Vienna sightseeing a boat ride across our underground lake should appear on your sonar. If you are a history buff with a hang for World War II and aircraft, or have children, sharpen your focus. I have toured the underground lake and former mine Seegrotte in Hinterbrühl with my family. Here is what you …

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Thanksgiving Restaurants in Vienna

This page came together thanks to a user inquiry a while ago. I thought other users may find themselves in the same situation. Here is Dave’s inquiry, and my tips (updated in 2016). Dear Barbara, I am enjoying using your site to prepare a trip to Vienna for friends from 28 November to 01 Dec. We are Americans, British and Italians …

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Private Dining in Vienna: Review

Art Walk: private dining in Neubau

Private Dining in Vienna. Whenever a Viennese friend invites me, I get easy private dining. But where can you go private when you travel to Vienna? Asta is a private dining host. The blond 30 something and her cat Hase (rabbit) live in Vienna’s trendy urban neighbourhood Neubau. I am as hungry for her Viennese cuisine as I am for (re) experiencing …

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Vienna 1900 Walk: Gustav Klimt and Beyond

Vienna 1900: Otto Wagner church

These two Vienna 1900 walks below follow the likes of Sigmund Freud, Stefan Zweig, Gustav Klimt, and Otto Wagner. They are wrapped in two day itineraries, ready for your travel agenda. Vienna 1900: Designing The Viennese Style “Nothing that is not useful can be beautiful.” (Otto Wagner) On its journey to modernism, fin-de-siècle Vienna sparked a dozen ground breaking concepts in art, …

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Vienna Boat Tour: Old Danube Explored

Boat Trips: Rental sofa boat, Old Danube

Vienna boat tour. Vienna boat trips on the Danube sound like fun and romance. Until you realize that neither Ringstrasse boulevard nor Hofburg, let alone Schönbrunn Palace, are anywhere near Donau. There is one boat trip on the Vienna Danube, though, that has thrilled me, and I will show you why. Read on if you like authentic places, charm, design …

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Jewish Vienna Walk: My Review Of A Jewish Vienna Group Tour

Jewish Vienna Walk. Certainly there isn’t much left of the Jewish Vienna you or your ancestors may have known. But what is left, together with the recent ‘renaissance’ of the local community, fascinates. Since I wanted to get to the bottom of Jewish culture in Wien I joined a Jewish Vienna tour. Here is what to expect from it: “There is no Jewish …

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Vienna City Centre – Old Town Vienna Routes And Map

Vienna Sights: Graben boulevard

The Vienna City Centre covers three square kilometres (1.16 square miles) of UNESCO World Heritage site. Old town Vienna is packed with history, palaces, classical music venues, coffeehouses and restaurants, and high-end shopping. Let me show you four smart routes to cover the best sites. I have also done a city center tour map below. We call the center of Vienna ‘Innenstadt’. About 82,000 square metres (883,000 square …

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10 Things To Do During A Stopover In Vienna

10 things to do during stopover in vienna: airport

This article has been kindly sponsored by Source Outdoor. With all the advancements in today’s technology, having a prolonged stopover in Vienna – or almost any other high profile airport in Europe – isn’t so bad after all. Say you have ample time to spare; you can turn this circumstance into a welcome opportunity to see all the wonders of …

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