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A Magic Night At A Vienna Summer Opera: Klosterneuburg

Vienna summer opera Klosterneuburg

Vienna Summer Opera. When Viennese opera houses close for the season an open air opera close by lets in an unexpected breeze of charm. At Klosterneuburg, a few July and August evenings transform the 900-year old abbey’s Imperial Courtyard into a musical theatre stage. In the past 25 years, its precious baroque façades have echoed tunes of Donizetti, Mozart, R. …

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Karlskirche Vienna: How To Turn It Into Your Best Church Visit

Karlskirche Vienna

With no shortage of churches, Karlskirche Vienna – aka Church St. Charles Borromeo – ranks top in Austria’s capital. Not just because of its lavish baroque interiors, but for two other reasons: First, Mozart’s requiem and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons regularly enchant local angels, saints and visitors with live sounds. And second, because Karlskirche is Vienna’s only church with a stunning …

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Christkindlmarkt Rathausplatz

Christkindlmarkt Rathausplatz in Vienna

Over the last few years, the largest Vienna Christmas market, the Christkindlmarkt Rathausplatz, has upgraded to Wiener Weihnachtstraum (Vienna Christmas Dream). Explore where to find Christkindl now between punch, artisan decoration, a red-heart tree and an ice skating path. Traditional Christkindlmarkt Vienna Each year, a different Austrian federal state donates a giant spruce to tower above the 150+ market stalls. …

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Rathaus Vienna: Inside The City’s Inner Circle

Rathaus Vienna: City Hall

What is the Rathaus Vienna and Rathausplatz? And what is there to see? In brief, the Rathaus is Vienna’s City Hall where the local municipality and mayor legislate and administer everything from urban planning and transport to education and leisure. The grand neogothic building boasts an impressive Council chamber and festival hall, as well as the Coat of Arms halls, …

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Vienna Flak Tower Guide: Why See Our Ugliest Buildings

Vienna Sightseeing: flak tower

With six Vienna flak towers darkening the cityscape the monstrous concrete blocks still weigh heavily on Vienna’s past. While precious palaces and fine museums fill cultural space, the up to 47 meter high concrete cylinders fill historical space much needed for understanding Wien’s past. As a matter of fact, many local historians believe the Viennese government doesn’t adequately deal with …

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Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: A Failproof Guide

Michelin Star Restaurants Vienna: creation by Silvio Nickol

If you like Michelin star restaurants Vienna is holding a few gems. Increasingly, our love for hearty local cuisine has been making space for the creative delights of fine gourmet dining. In their gourmet restaurants our Michelin star chefs have revolutionized and lightened up Viennese cuisine. Now, Wiener Schnitzel, Palatschinken and other fried dishes get by on the bare minimum of frying oil; cream sauces …

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Restaurants in Vienna: Where To Eat, From Michelin to Würstelstand

Restaurants in Vienna: Zum Friedensrichter

Restaurants in Vienna. Where to eat in Vienna? There are hundreds of restaurants serving Viennese cuisine. My independent restaurant reviews below came from my frequent visits to my hometown. I use to visit all these places with my local friends and family. They also come in digestible amounts, and some variety: from Michelin star restaurants to taverns, snack bars and Vienna …

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Trains to Vienna: From 7 Cities In 2 to 14 Hours

Visit Vienna: Trains to Vienna

Are there trains to Vienna from London and Paris? How long does the rail journey from Prague or Salzburg to Vienna take? Does the Eurostar stop in Wien? As one of Europe’s main railway hubs, Vienna connects to most major cities via high speed trains. To plan your trip, get the facts, ticket information and a train connections tool here. …

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Museum of Applied Arts Vienna: Viennese Design and More

Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna

Museum of Applied Arts Vienna. Quite Italian in appearance and British in spirit, the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna (MAK) stores hundreds of designs and objects, from Austria and around the world. Most importantly, the MAK showcases the story of Viennese design. To give you an idea what to expect I’ll share the MAK’s key highlights, along with practical information. …

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Vienna Opera Ball 2023: What To Know

Vienna Opera Ball

More than any other ball in Wien, the Vienna Opera Ball embodies social traditions of the old Imperial Austria. Not only does the Wiener Opernball constitute Austria’s largest meeting point for art celebrities, entrepreneurs and politicians but attracts celebrities from all over the world. Here is a guide of what to expect, an update on preparations under Covid-19 and how …

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