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Vienna Opera For Children: A Native Mum’s Top Tips

Things to do in Vienna December: opera for children

Vienna Opera for Children. As a matter of fact, Wien can introduce children to the world of opera and classical music like no other capital. Almost throughout the year you and your family can watch special children’s operas. Since they are all funny and not too long they create a great first opera experience for kids. While children’s operas are …

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Vienna State Opera: 12 Tips For Opera Fans

Vienna Opera: auditorium

A night at the Vienna State Opera is one of the best ways to spend an elegant evening in my hometown, while enjoying a piece of real Vienna. As a matter of fact, the Vienna State Opera powers world famous opera singers, the world’s best opera orchestra and the best opera choir. However, you don’t need to be an opera …

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Best Vienna Balls 2019/20: Tickets and Dress Code

Johann Strauss: Viennese ball

This shortlist summarises the best Vienna Balls 2019 and lets you know about tickets, online ordering and dress codes for each event. Each year, Vienna hosts more than 400 balls: High profile traditional events with elegant dress codes next to modern balls such as the Life Ball and dance events of the local firebrigade. I have pulled together 10 of the best traditional …

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Vienna New Year Concert: Reviews And How To Get 2018 Tickets

Things to do in Vienna April: Wiener Musikverein

Millions watch the illustrious Vienna New Year Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on TV each year. Concert tickets are tricky to get and carry a price tag. Is it worth the time and money to experience the Neujahrskonzert? And how to get tickets if you were not successful in the online drawing? I asked Daniel Richter, a local Viennese, and Emmanuel G., …

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Vienna Opera House: A Native’s Choices, Tours and Tickets

Vienna opera house at night

Vienna Opera House. If you are determined to get under the skin of classical culture in my hometown, head for the Vienna State Opera or Volksoper. In the subsequent posts I’m sharing my experiences at both venues and how to get tickets. You will also find tips of the best opera venue for children. Vienna State Opera Vienna Opera House. Our …

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Stephansdom: St. Stephen’s Cathedral From Catacombs To Concerts

Stephansdom: St. Stephen's Cathedral

Actually, the story of Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) tells the story of Vienna. Not least because it has been around for 900 years and is a key local landmark. To be honest with you, as a Native I associate it with mundane things like cream wafers, radio and school kids rattling charity moneyboxes in the streets; but you will get …

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Vienna New Years Concert: Ticket Information 2020

Vienna New Year's Concert, Daniel Barenboim

The Vienna New Year’s Concert is blasted live across millions of TV screens worldwide every New Year’s day. If you are a classical music fan, you’ll want more than watching this glorious event canned. Here is what to do to see the New Year’s Concert 2020 live. Try Your Luck At The Online Drawing As the demand for Vienna New Year’s Concert …

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Vienna Balls: Tickets, Dress Code And What Makes A Viennese Ball

Vienna Balls: Fete Imperiale

Vienna Balls are a must if  you love glamorous dresses, are at least faintly interested in dancing and won’t run a mile when hearing classical music. However, quite a few Vienna travellers find it daunting: choosing from hundreds of Viennese balls each season, scrambling for tickets and scarce hotel rooms. Followed by getting the dress codes right, brushing up on their dancing, …

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Vienna Ball: What It Is Really Like. A Native’s Review

Vienna Ball of the Coffee Brewers

Unless you are a die-hard rock fan, visit a Vienna Ball. In the first place, a Wiener Ball with all its glitz and elegant dress codes is a luxurious experience that will connect you more closely with our old world culture. Secondly, a Vienna ball brings classical music to life like no other Vienna event. To help you get a flavour of what to expect, I’m sharing my night …

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Vienna Concerts 2019 – Quality Music Events In My Hometown

Vienna Concerts: Musikverein

Every day, my home city stages one to three dozen Vienna concerts. To make things more complicated, the ‘capital of music’ hosts events with varying levels of quality. Let’s assume you are after quality music events and would like to avoid tourist traps. To facilitate your choice I’m sharing a list of great and good concerts below: from Vienna Philharmonic …

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