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Restaurants Wien: My Top 5 Viennese Taverns

restaurants Wien: Gasthaus zum Rebhuhn

Restaurants Wien. Here are my top Viennese cuisine eateries that serve honest local food, sometimes with a twist. A few of them are based in the most picturesque neighbourhoods. Review the opening times as a few are closed on Sundays or just open in the evenings. Price indications are based on a main dish. Restaurants Wien: My top 5 Gasthaus Hanno Pöschl …

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Gugelhupf: Best Kugelhopf Recipes from Austria


Classic Austrian-Style Gugelhupf Recipes   Gugelhupf (or Kugelhopf) is one of the most popular Austrian desserts, and a classic for afternoon teas and Sunday breakfasts, at home or in Vienna’s coffeehouses. When I was a kid, there was an eponymous Sunday breakfast radio show that my grandparents used to listen to. The Grand Hotel Wien, a Viennese luxury hotel, even offers its own …

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Dumpling Recipes To Make Austrian Knodel

Dumpling Recipes: strawberry knodel

Austrian Knodel Recipes   Dumpling recipes. Dumplings are my favourite mood food. Hence my collection of dumpling recipes (sweet and savoury) from Austria and Central Europe has grown full and round during the past years. (I myself haven’t, luckily.) When I dig into them, I bite into my home country. Try my recipes and let me know how you like …

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Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites Of My Hometown

Best Vienna Coffeehouses: Cafe Frauenhuber

My Wiener Kaffeehaus Shortlist Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites. There are hundreds of Vienna coffeehouses, each with their own style, menu, cultural offer and therefore their own special audience. 

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Gulash Recipe And Vegetarian Goulash


Easy Gulash Recipes For Fans Of Viennese Cuisine The classic Gulash is a tasty beef stew of Hungarian origin. It is one of the greatest imports to Viennese cuisine. Before I share my favourite Gulash recipe with you, here is a starter. Gulash derives its taste from red sweet pepper, sour cream, onions, cumin and marjoram. The hearty red coloured stew is referred to …

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Vienna Restaurants Booking Tool: Fast Table Reservations

Vienna restaurants booking tool: Delinski

Vienna Restaurants Booking Tool. Over the years I have found an easy way of booking the best restaurants in Vienna. Some travellers find that securing good restaurants makes up a chunk of their travel planning time so I’ll share my experience with my favourite Vienna restaurants booking site with you. Delinski allows you to book tables at selected local restaurants, from down-to-earth insider gems to popular gourmet …

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Demel Vienna Austria – Our Imperial Bakery Reviewed

Demel Vienna: smoke salon

Demel Vienna. Cake culture cuts a big piece out of Vienna. At least for the first time traveller. Should you go for the most legendary institution to have your cake and eat it? While more of a tourist than a local favourite, the almost 230-year-old confectionery is a post-Imperial attraction. But then we Viennese wouldn’t want it any other way either… The Cake Shop …

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Cake Shops Vienna: The 8 Best Pastry Shops In Wien

Cake Shops Vienna: Gerstner

Cake Shops Vienna. Where can you find the best pastry shops in Vienna? While some local coffeehouses offer an impressive selection of desserts, pastry shops specialise in them. My shortlist of the best confectioneries in Vienna presents a mix of the most legendary cake shops like Demel, the most popular with Viennese and the best insider confectioneries in my hometown. I have personally tested …

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Vienna Restaurant Mezzanin 7: Private Dining Review

Things to do in Vienna February: private dining Mezzanin 7

Private Dining: Vienna Off Menu Vienna Restaurant Mezzanin 7. “You made a mistake. This is definitely not the right place.” …I know how to read my friend Sandra’s odd looks. I pressed one of the many doorbells on a shiny brass plate of a town palace in Vienna’s ninth district. It was Sandra’s local neighbourhood that  she knows like the back …

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Vienna Coffee Houses – History, Best Viennese Coffee Shops

Stefan Zweig and More: Cafe Landtmann

My Guide To Vienna Coffee Shops Vienna Coffee Houses. I am not a coffee addict, but I adore the Viennese coffee culture: the cake vitrines, the wooden newspaper holders, and the waiters floating between faded plush seats and the espresso machines behind the counters. My favourite cafés are those that have that special community atmosphere, great music, free Wi-fi, and tasty cakes and snacks. Best …

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