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Vienna Cooking Classes With Private Dining: Off-Track Local Experience

Vienna cooking classes: kosher cooking

Just to be clear: Vienna cooking classes with private dining are neither about instructions nor privacy. On the contrary. They are the loveliest pretext to dive into local life, make Viennese friends, and learn about Wiener habits and culture beyond the guide books. Among a few options food blogger Angelika’s Vienna Cooking Classes stick out like a fresh mushroom in a forest glade. ...

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12 Best Vienna Coffeehouses: My Favourite Cafes In My Hometown Wien

Best Vienna Coffeehouses: Cafe Frauenhuber

I’m sharing my list of the best Vienna coffeehouses in my hometown. As we are blessed with hundreds of cafés this coffee house guide will take the stress out of a blissful experience. While each Kaffeehaus below has its own style and offer they share an original atmosphere and great quality food and drink.  For ease of use you can download this guide as a neat pdf together ...

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Vienna Wineries – Heuriger Guide And Map By Two Natives

Vienna wineries: Buschenschank Wolf

Vienna wineries. Few people know that my hometown is the only world city with a notable wine growing industry. Local wineries are a fantastic excuse to venture out of the city centre and into the green outskirts of Grinzing, Neustift, Stammersdorf, and Jedlersdorf. Start from my and my local friend Babsi’s tips of the best places. The Heurige Vienna Wineries. ...

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Vienna Restaurant Hofzeile 27: Private Dining

Vienna restaurant Hofzeile 27

One warm April evening, my husband and I sidestepped busy restaurants and went for Vienna restaurant Hofzeile 27. Here is our independent review: The restaurant Hofzeile is an exclusive private dining place that is in the best sense unique. Whether you are a romantic couple in search for an exclusive place to eat, plan a discrete business dinner, want an authentic local experience, ...

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Michelin Restaurant Steirereck Vienna: Review

Michelin restaurants Vienna: Steirereck

Michelin Restaurant Steirereck is Austria’s number one gourmet temple for Austrian food. One of two star Michelin restaurants in Vienna, the Steirereck ranks in the first half of S. Pellegrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Chef Heinz Reitbauer has earned his reputation for innovative local food creations by rediscovering rare local vegetables like the Beta Sweet Carrot, a purple carrot that is cultivated in the Higher School ...

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Vienna Restaurants Best Roast: Review

Vienna Restaurants best roast: Zu den Drei Hacken

Where can you have Vienna restaurants best roast in a relaxed place in the centre? My Portuguese in-laws were fast approaching my hometown. They love all things meat, and authentic local eateries. Having a succulent chunk of pork topped with a crispy upper crust in a cosy little tavern would certainly make their day. Hence, we headed for Viennese pork ...

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Restaurants Wien: My Top 5 Viennese Taverns

restaurants Wien: Gasthaus zum Rebhuhn

Restaurants Wien. Here are my top Viennese cuisine eateries that serve honest local food, sometimes with a twist. A few of them are based in the most picturesque neighbourhoods. Review the opening times as a few are closed on Sundays or just open in the evenings. Price indications are based on a main dish. Restaurants Wien: My top 5 Gasthaus Hanno Pöschl ...

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Gugelhupf: Best Kugelhopf Recipes from Austria


Classic Austrian-Style Gugelhupf Recipes   Gugelhupf (or Kugelhopf) is one of the most popular Austrian desserts, and a classic for afternoon teas and Sunday breakfasts, at home or in Vienna’s coffeehouses. When I was a kid, there was an eponymous Sunday breakfast radio show that my grandparents used to listen to. The Grand Hotel Wien, a Viennese luxury hotel, even offers its own ...

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Dumpling Recipes To Make Austrian Knodel

Dumpling Recipes: strawberry knodel

Austrian Knodel Recipes   Dumpling recipes. Dumplings are my favourite mood food. Hence my collection of dumpling recipes (sweet and savoury) from Austria and Central Europe has grown full and round during the past years. (I myself haven’t, luckily.) When I dig into them, I bite into my home country. Try my recipes and let me know how you like ...

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Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites Of My Hometown

Best Vienna Coffeehouses: Cafe Frauenhuber

My Wiener Kaffeehaus Shortlist Vienna Coffeehouses Favourites. There are hundreds of Vienna coffeehouses, each with their own style, menu, cultural offer and therefore their own special audience. 

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