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Car Rental Vienna: How To Rent a Car in Vienna Austria

Car Rental Vienna. When I take my family back to my Viennese hometown, we sometimes rent a car. Over the past years, our experience with local car rental has grown. We feel we can add value to travellers with the same plans. Find tips for getting the best deal, a car rental checklist,and  driving and parking tips. Do also check the alternative option: renting a car with driver.

Car Rental Vienna: Things To Know

  • You have to be 19 years old at a minimum and must have held your driver’s licence for at least one year.
  • If you are under 25, check the surcharge policy of your car rental firm, as some charge a little more for young drivers.
  • If you are a non EU resident you will need an International Driver’s Licence.
  • If you have air miles and want to use them for car rental Vienna car hire firms run individual policies. Enquire about these before you rent.
  • The restrictions on alcohol consumption for drivers are at 0.5 promille, like in most other European countries, and for young drivers at 0.1 promille. As a general guideline – most people reach 0.4 promille after having had one bottle of beer, though these levels can vary widely between individuals.
  • Speed limits:
  • Vienna and other towns and cities: 50km/h / 31mph
  • Open roads: 100 km/h / 62 mph
  • Highways: 130 km/h / 81 mph

Best Car Rental Sites

Car Rental Vienna. You can rent a car at one of the many car rental firms at Vienna International Airport, and at several locations throughout the city. If you want to get everything done before you travel, there are a few reputable car rental sites where to find good deals.

You usually find the best deals when you compare prices online. You can usually search by date and specify the pick up and drop off location. All sites below offer car rental Vienna services.

  • Online travel company Travelocity offers vacation packages including flight, hotel and car rental if you look for bigger savings on your car rental bill.
  • Compare Car Rental compares offers from around 40 different car rental providers in Vienna. You get detailed information about each car directly on the sites of the respective rental firm.
  • Car Hire Search, one of the UK’s best car hire search engines, has a slim, efficient search format and leads you directly to the booking pages of each rental firm.
  • Argus Car Hire is another good car rental aggregator that compares a range of car hire firms in Vienna.

Car Rental Vienna Checklist

It is worth checking possible extra charges with any car hire. Vienna as a rental location is no different, though the applicable extra charges may vary slightly. Here are a few tips that I put together from our previous car rentals there. They cover the most common extra charges though are not exhaustive.

  • Additional Driver: Most car rental Vienna firms charge a mark up for an additional driver.
  • Insurance: Like all European countries, Austria requires drivers to have a third party insurance by law. The minimum insured sum for both personal injury and physical damage required by Austrian law is six million Euros per accident. This is three times higher than the insured sum for rental cars recommended by the Austrian Association of Motorists (OEAMTC). However, the third-party insurance will only cover costs for damage to third parties, not your own rented vehicle, whether the damage was your fault or the other party’s. If you want to be insured for damages to your rented car as well, enquire about a collision damage waiver (CDW) (Vollkaskoversicherung) and find out which areas of the car it covers. Most car hire firms offer CDW as a chargeable extra. Do also check with your credit card insurer, as some of them may cover your car rental insurance for free, as part of their service package for you.
  • Highway Tax: If you plan to drive outside Vienna make sure a toll sticker (Vignette) is included in your car rental. Vienna itself does not require one but all highways. Alternatively, you can buy a short term toll sticker at fuel stations or at the border. For reference: A toll sticker valid for 10 days costs EUR 8, for 2 months EUR 23,40 (2012 tariff).
  • Winter Tyres: In Austria, vehicle owners are required to equip their vehicles with tyres suitable for winter between 1st November and 15th April. This law also applies to car rentals. Vienna usually maintains its streets well during all seasons, though. Make sure that your car rental firm has your chosen car equipped with suitable tyres during this season. This is in most cases a chargeable extra. If you cause an accident while driving a car without winter tyres in the respective time period, your CDW insurance may not cover the cost for the damage.
  • Navigation Systems: Most car rental Vienna firms now providenavigation systems which are useful both within Vienna and outside.
  • Crossing The Border: For insurance reasons, most car rental Vienna firms (and remaining Austria) will not allow their customers to drive to certain Eastern European countries like for example Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria or Serbia, especially when they drive luxury brand cars. In some cases, the car rental firm can grant permission against a surcharge. there may also be restrictions for luxury brand cars to enter Italy.
  • Child Seats And Booster Seats: If you are travelling with children under 12 years of age, they will need to be provided with baby seats (0 to 13 kg), child seats (9 to 18 kg), and booster seats (from around 19 kg, depending on the child’s height).
  • Premium Location: Some car rental firms charge extra for rentals at central locations, for example at airports, train stations or other locations in the city centre.
  • Contract Fee: All (car rental) firms in Austria are required by law to charge a contract fee of 1 per cent if the contract exceeds a value of EUR 150.

Car Sharing in Vienna

Car Rental Vienna: car sharingAn alternative car rental option is car sharing. You will be able to rent a car for as long as you need, starting at one minute and up to three days. For example, you can find DriveNow cars out in the streets of Vienna and start renting them. You don’t need to go to a car rental agency, since it is all done over an app. DriveNow also offers free floating car sharing so you will be able to start your rental and end your rental in different locations in Vienna. Car sharing can be a perfect alternative to car rental in Vienna. Learn more about how to join DriveNow car sharing in Vienna.

Driving in Vienna

Once you have managed the car rental Vienna gets moving. Driving in Vienna is less stressful than in many big cities. The city is quite well structured through the Ringstrasse Vienna and the outer ring road, called the Guertel. Click for a map of Vienna for further reference. Some of the street signing and the one-way maze of Vienna’s old town may best be managed by using a navigation system, though.

While they are reasonably careful, the Viennese do not have a reputation for being polite drivers. Best to manage your expectations and not to take certain reactions from local drivers to heart!

Parking In Vienna

My Car Rental Vienna page includes a few tips on parking in Vienna as renting a car is just the first step to enjoying my home town smoothly on four wheels. Some of these tips I have had to learn the hard way when I still owned a car there.

Vienna’s city centre (first district) and most of the adjacent districts (2 to 9, and 20) are short parking zones from Monday to Friday between 9am and 10pm. You can park there with a valid parking ticket for a maximum two hours that require prepaid parking tickets. These short parking areas are only indicated at the entrances, so you will not see further signs within the zones. However, there may be signs indicating different regulations alongside high street shopping areas. You can buy those tickets on working week days and Saturdays (until 6pm) at the local newspaper shops (Trafiken) What to do out of hours? I will tell you a secret (it IS mostly a secret as I have tested it with local waiters and even my local family): You can buy parking tickets at mostlocal underground stations. Use the touch screens there. The Main Menu shows the option of Parking Tickets (Parkscheine) at the bottom right.

Alternatively, you can buy parking tickets by SMS using your mobile phone, following registration. (This is also possible using foreign mobile phones.)
SMS number: +43 664 660 09 90 or 0828/20 200 (for national phones)
Info hotline: +43 664 (0)820 660 09 90

The two available ticket types are for one hour, and for 30 minutes. You can put tickets for a maximum of two hours behind the screen of your car, though you can replace them with new valid tickets afterwards.

Alternatively, you can use the many parking garages in town. They are usually pretty safe, and many of them include special parking lots for ladies. Prices range from EUR 1,90 to around EUR 5,00 per hour.

By the way: Not displaying a valid parking ticket can add to your cost of car rental: Vienna traffic wardens can charge around EUR 20 of fine.

Alternative: Rent A Car With Driver

Car Rental Vienna. If you’d rather lay back and let someone else drive, consider renting a car with a driver. Rental fees start from as little as EUR 60 per hour. Use the enquiry form below to get a quote.

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