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Grand staircase, Vienna State Opera

Booking Vienna Opera Tickets: A Native’s Guide And Story

How To Secure The Perfect Opera Evening

Booking Vienna Opera Tickets. Vienna State Opera tickets sell out 98 percent on average. I have learnt my lesson of securing perfect opera evenings in my home city. Until some time ago, I played the ‘ticket waiting list game’ with the official ticket provider. I was usually thrown off at some stage. Here is how I solved this problem.

A Tough Nut To Crack: Our Case

Booking Vienna opera tickets: staircase at State OperaBooking Vienna Opera Tickets. In October 2013, I slid off the waiting list of Wiener Staatsoper for a busy Christmas time Nutcracker ballet. At that time, I came to know the owner of A & A Tickets Online. The artist turned businessman runs viennaoperatickets.com, an unusually personal opera ticket company. 

Consequently, I confronted him with my case. ’Is there any chance to get tickets, just two months before this bestseller is on? We want perfect views without breaking the bank. And generally, shall we spend our money for this season‘s production?‘, I asked. ‘Yes’, was the answer, ‘but save your cash on top categories and buy balcony tickets. These are the best seats for watching a ballet. You will oversee the whole choreography from there.‘ Just seven minutes after our call, I had booked the three balcony tickets online. His advice to go for cheaper tickets saved me EUR 220 net of the usual broker fees. Eight minutes later the ticket confirmation and invoice arrived in my inbox.

Booking Vienna Opera Tickets From A Buff

‘It’s tough to see good opera when you visit Vienna for a few days. Many performances are officially sold out or have a waiting list. People then panic-buy tickets for another performance that may have a bad production. Or they speed book musical events just to fill their evening in Vienna.’ (A&A Tickets)

Booking Vienna opera tickets: auditorium of Vienna State OperaBooking Vienna Opera Tickets. Until a few years ago, A&A’s owner had worked inside the Vienna State Opera: ‘My team and I love opera, and making dream visits come true, but not at visitors’ costs.

  • First, we always have tickets available, even when performances are officially sold out.
  • Second, we advise people that the best seats for certain performances are not always the most expensive.
  • Third, we even discourage people from buying tickets if we think a performance is badly staged. We would rather advise them on other cultural highlights in Vienna than visiting the opera for its own sake.’

Touch Base With A & A Tickets Online

Booking Vienna opera tickets: A&A ticketsBooking Vienna Opera Tickets. When I buy a premium product I like to speak with a real person. And I like to make a clever buy. YOU don’t need to be friends with Mr. A&A to get his team to advise you on the best seats. Just call them.

They can advise you in 6+ languages, directly over the phone. It is also common for customers to get team members’ mobile numbers – ‘for peace of mind’ – when the opera evening arrives and other ticket offices have closed. You can check out viennaoperatickets.com here. To call A & A‘s team, click for phone numbers, and special US/Canada numbers at local call rates.

A Note From a Visitor

This email arrived in my inbox in November 2013: ‘Thank you so much for your site. We stayed on a waiting list for opera tickets for months with no success. When you noted that A and A was good, we contacted them and got 8 tickets. Thank you. Chloe D.’

NOTEViennaoperatickets.com invited Vienna Unwrapped and family to the Nutcracker ballet at the Vienna State Opera. All opinions expressed above are explicitly my own.

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