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Burgenland: Wine, Esterhazy Treasures And More To Do

Burgenland: Vineyards and Neusiedlersee

As I write, Burgenland is still an insider tip for travellers. And yet it is almost en route from Vienna to Budapest. If you want a countryside day trip from Vienna off the beaten path, head South East for Burgenland. Here are places I have been to and can’t wait to see again. Esterhazy Palace The Esterhazy Princes ruled over a regional powerhouse, influencing ...

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Vienna With Kids: Classical Music, Fun Museums, Outdoors and More

Vienna With Kids: quadrille dancing

Vienna with Kids. Classical city breaks don’t rank top with children. How do you inspire your kids in Vienna while sightseeing? Which classical music activities are fun for them? Where are the best green spaces for children? My own kids and their local cousins recommend top 12 things to do in Vienna.  1. Schonbrunn Palace: Zoo, Marionette Theatre and Historic Dance Lessons ...

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Gugelhupf: Best Kugelhopf Recipes from Austria


Classic Austrian-Style Gugelhupf Recipes   Gugelhupf (or Kugelhopf) is one of the most popular Austrian desserts, and a classic for afternoon teas and Sunday breakfasts, at home or in Vienna’s coffeehouses. When I was a kid, there was an eponymous Sunday breakfast radio show that my grandparents used to listen to. The Grand Hotel Wien, a Viennese luxury hotel, even offers its own ...

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Austrian National Library: Nationalbibliothek

Imperial Palace Vienna: Austrian National Library

Inside Nationalbibliothek Is the Austrian National Library just one of the Imperial Palace’s 2,600 rooms you can skip? Should you pony up EUR 7 for visiting a potential tourist trap? I have been there. Here is my review along with some background. History In Brief The institution of the Austrian National Library dates back almost 450 years to 1575. At that time, the first official ...

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Best Vienna Balls 2017: Tickets and Dress Code

Best Vienna Balls: ball at Hofburg

This shortlist summarises the best Vienna Balls 2017 and lets you know about tickets, online ordering and dress codes for each event. Each year, Vienna hosts more than 400 balls: High profile traditional events with elegant dress codes next to modern balls such as the Life Ball and dance events of the local firebrigade. I have pulled together 11 of the best traditional ...

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Vienna Tourist Checklist – Eight Overlooked Travel Tips

8 Travel Tips You May Have Overlooked Vienna Tourist Checklist. Have you ever thought ‘I had no idea…’ or ‘If I had known…’ after your first day in a strange place? It happened to me a few times. I completely underestimated the magnitude of wonderful things to do in a relatively small city. If you travel to a place like ...

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Congress Vienna: Prince Metternich And European History

Congress Vienna cartoon

Congress Vienna. It’s hard to ignore a historic event such as the Congress of Vienna if you know a bit about European history. Use our 200-year anniversary of the Congress (1814/15 – 2014) as an opportunity to gear up your knowledge. Significance The Wiener Kongress was one of the most significant international political summits in Europe. It also helped Viennese balls and ...

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Life Ball Vienna 2017 – Native’s Guide And Ticket Info

Life Ball Vienna: Opening 2015

The Most Extravagant Vienna Ball Life Ball Vienna. ‘Us at the Life Ball – you remember?’ I asked my friend Elisabeth this question a while ago. Her eyebrows jumped upwards and her eyes got that spark of remembering something wildly forbidden. Here is what you can do to share our and everyone else’s memories of this most flamboyant of all Vienna ...

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Rosetta Stone German: My Husband’s and My Review

Rosetta Stone German

My Portuguese husband selected Rosetta Stone German to take on my mother tongue, having sifted through half a dozen German language training software. As a trained linguist, I reviewed it myself. Here is what we think. Rosetta Stone German offers a matrix of different versions, sorted byinterests and by depth of desired knowledge. a) by interests: Personal (best for travellers), Business, Public Sector (even United Nations ...

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Melk Abbey: Day Trip From Vienna

Melk Abbey

It’s easy for a Vienna traveller to skip Melk Abbey at 75 min drive west. There is little reason you should, though. Unless you have set all your heart on Bauhaus architecture, learn what fans of classical culture are dying to see. The photos below were taken from one of my visits to UNESCO World Heritage Site Melk Abbey on a sunny December day. ...

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