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Vienna Sausage

Fast Austrian Food With Tradition

Vienna sausage stand on Stadtpark, Vienna, AustriaThe Vienna sausage has founded a sub-culture in Vienna that is worth exploring. A simple dish mixed from pork, water, mild spices and sheep intestines, the sausage was brought from Frankfurt to Vienna in the 19th century, and was further refined with beef to create a local variety.

Sausage stands are our response to fast food and hot dog stalls, and a firm part of our culture since the First World War.

You will be served Vienna beef hotdogs or a variety of other sausages, with cheese or spices, on a paper plate, with one or two slices of dark bread or a white bread roll (Semmel).

Vienna sausage stand at between Albertina and Vienna opera house, AustriaYou can find these stands all over Vienna, in particular in the city centre. The most famous areBitzinger’s Würstelstandbetween the Vienna State Opera and the Albertina (see second photo), the Würstelstand Hoher Markt and the Würstelstand am Stadtpark (see first photo).

Most Popular Sausages

Frankfurter - the original Vienna sausage, called Frankfurter here in Vienna, a mix of pork, beef and bacon, served as a pair with a roll or a slice of dark bread and mustard. Don’t translate it to Wiener Wurst, as there is a type of cold meat here called Wiener.

Hot Dog - Frankfurter in a long bread roll, you know it

Kaesekrainer by Wildhandel WieserKäsekrainer - pork sausage with bits of melting cheese inside (see photo)

Bratwurst - slim long pork and veal sausage, fried

Waldviertler - dark and slightly smoked sausage with a high percentage of beef and pork

Burenwurst (Klobasse) – thicker aromatic boiled sausage from a coarse mix of minced meat, herbs and spices

Bosna - a Bratwurst in white bread, served with onion mustard, parsley, curry and sometimes chopped onions; quite spicy.

Alternatively, try a Leberkäs-Semmel, a type of meat loaf sandwich. Add sweet or spicy mustard, ketchup or horse radish, and pickled peppers and gherkins.

Our sausage stands celebrate their high season from January to March, when après-ball attendees in their tuxedos and ball gowns satisfy their hunger in the early mornings there.

However, the stands are feeling the pressure from international fast food chains. As with our coffee houses, locals and visitors will defend them, with fingers and tooth picks.

Price: below EUR 5