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Travel Vienna: Austrian Parliament and Votiv Church

Travel Vienna Do you have a question related to your trip to my hometown? Do you want to find out what fellow travellers wanted to know, and what I advised them to do? Screen the Questions And Answers section below. Your question may already have been answered.

The Vienna Travel Concierge

Vienna Unwrapped has grown big in the past years. To be able to answer the amount of questions I receive daily without compromising on quality I set up the Vienna Travel Concierge, a paid-for premium service for independent travellers.

If your busy life gets in the way of planning a special trip to Vienna, I can help. I have delivered a series of exquisite travel itineraries or bespoke travel tips and research for your fellow readers. Nelson from Hong Kong needed an insider to help planning his honeymoon in Salzburg and Vienna. Andrew and his wife wanted a week of opera and concerts, insider restaurants, private tours and day trips. Jane from Singapore needed bespoke day tours and private transfers across Austria for her family of four. You can get a bespoke travel programme without a single hour of research, too.  Go to Austria Travel Advice to learn more.

My advice is personal and unbiased. I will recommend free events, cheaper ways to get around town and other things that will help you tap into my knowledge as a native and frequent traveller to Vienna. After all, I want you to return to this site and recommend it to your friends.

Travel Vienna Questions And Answers

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Special Occasions

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Ask A Question About Your Vienna Vacation


  1. Hi,

    my friend and me want to travel to vienna from 18 of April, for 4 days, we are student and under 25, we want to know that is there any special offer(discount ticket) for museum and opera and parks for our case?

    thank you

  2. Dear Sadegh,

    thank you for your enquiry. There are usually discounted student tickets available in museums and other cultural institutions. The Vienna State Opera sells stance tickets for just a few Euros. See more tips for the opera under

    If you plan to visit at least four cultural institutions and use public transport at least once per day, consider buying a Vienna Card, the discount city card for Vienna:

    All of Vienna’s parks are free.

    By the way, if you travel in the summer, bear in mind that Vienna has a few free excellent drinking water stations across town, for example at Heldenplatz and Karlsplatz. They will save you a little bit on buying water in cafes or shops.

    I hope this helps. Do let me know if you need anything else.

    kind regards


  3. We will be in Wien May 29 – June 5. We may be interested in Coffeehouse Conversations in our schedule works out. Are any locals doing this on dates not listed? We always try to find Christmas tree ornaments to have as souvenirs, but can’t find any info on the web about shops that have them off season. Any tips?

  4. Hi Ed,
    I’m not aware of any other local chats going on during your stay but will let you know if something comes up.
    As for off-season Christmas tree decoration, try Nostalgiecorner at Gentzgasse 121, 1180 Vienna. They are open Monday to Friday 1 to 6pm, every first Saturday of the month from 10am to 5pm. You may want to email them first: I don’t know this shop first hand.

  5. Thank you

  6. My wife and I will be in Vienna and Salzburg between 8/5 and 8/15/2014. We would like to get some suggestions on the salzburg festival during that time period.

  7. Hello Barbara,
    Your site is very helpful. I will be in Vienna May 30 and 31st. I favor Beethoven and see his opera Fedilio is available same night as free concert at Palace. Any advice on how to choose between these two musical events? We are an middle aged American couple new to Vienna. We are not professional musicians, so all of it looks delightful. Thank you for any advice you can offer.

  8. Hi Barbara,

    I love this site! I now live in Vienna and my parents are coming to visit. We want to do the Wachau Valley boat trip that you recommend ( I have a question about the walking in that trip. My parents are older and wanted to know how much walking is involved in this tour and if there is much uphill walking?



  9. Hi Barbara – your site is incredibly helpful, thank you! I am planning a trip to the Wachau Valley and am taking advantage of your blog post summarizing your visit to the area. One additional question I have is do you have any recommendations for cooking classes or farm/winery dinners in this region?

    Thank you!

  10. Dear Terry,
    you will visit Salzburg at the most exciting time. The Salzburg Festival is THE key event in town. Make sure you book EVERYTHING well in advance, from event tickets and hotels to sightseeing tours and restaurants. As for the event programme, go for opera rather than drama if your German isn’t up to speed. (Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s ‘Jedermann’ drama is the main event and likely to be sold out.) There are lovely Mozart and Strauss operas on this year’s programme. Visit for further info. Hope this helps.

  11. Hi Chris,
    that’s a tough choice. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has always been a rare treat, and the backdrop of Schonbrunn is lovely. However, if you are not into mass events, don’t like fighting for seats or the outlook of standing for 2+ hours, and want to avoid the risk of bad weather, go for Fidelio, especially if you love Beethoven.

  12. Hi Val,
    This should be an excellent tour for your parents. They will be comfortably riding by bus through the valley for a large part of the tour. The visits of Krems, Spitz, Duernstein, and of Melk Abbey do include some walking, though your parents may be able to rest somewhere nice. Buses should be able to drive up to the abbey’s parking lot, so it won’t be necessary to walk uphill. For further information, email the tour operator directly:

  13. Hi Mary,
    thanks for the kudos! The most famous cooking classes in the area are those of star chef Lisl Wagner Bacher at Landhaus Bacher. You may want to enquire about English language courses available. The Landhaus Bacher in Mautern is also the best gourmet dining place in Wachau. Weingut Jamek in Weissenkirchen is also excelellent. My favourite place for lots of atmosphere and homemade jam is historic Nikolaihof, the oldest winery in Austria according to their site.

  14. Steve Rappaport

    Hi Barbara,

    I will be in Vienna from 4 to 8 July and have booked tables at the following restaurants:
    Rudi’s Beisl
    Osterreicher im MAK
    Glacis Beisl

    What do you think of the list? Any suggestions for substitutions (I am ambivalent, for example, about Fabios)? Maybe Zum Finsteren or Skopik & Lohn instead? Thanks,


  15. Hi Steve,
    your list is good. July can be very warm, so you may want to choose places with outdoor seating. Oesterreicher im MAK and Glacis Beisl have great gardens. Vestibuel has good outdoor seating, too. Fabio’s has outdoor seating. Its style is modern and international, unlike your other choices. Skopik und Lohn and Rudi’s Beisl do not have outdoor seating, as far as I know. I’m not familiar with Zum Finsteren. If you plan a place for dinner, consider Summerstage. Villa Aurora on Wilhelminenberg is a wildly romantic 19th century villa with good food and even greater views of Vienna.
    When you book a place, make sure you get an option to book a table outside.
    Have a wonderful time in Vienna!

  16. Hi Barbara – your site has been very helpful, thank you.
    I am travelling to Vienna with my family for the first in December for two nights.(my husband and two daughters ages 17 and 19) We will be in Vienna Dec.19th and 20th. Given we have a short amount of time and that it is winter, I want a central hotel – we have tentatively booked Do&Co, but I am wondering if the Hotel Sacher Wien may be better. I would love your thoughts. Also, have you had any feedback regarding the Spanish Riding School and Vienna Boys Choir combination performance? This would be great for us given our time constraint.

    Thank you very much!

  17. What to wear? My husband and I will be in Vienna over Christmas and New Years, and have already booked concerts, opera, etc. How formal is the dress for women? Is it necessary to wear a floor length gown? Is a nice cocktail dress (below knee) ok?

    Thank you!


  18. Hi Barbara,
    I’m looking for German Courses in Wien in July 2014 for two girls age 15.
    It seems that all the schools provide courses only for people age over 16, unless you choose a camp, which is not our need.
    Do you think I can find lessons for them?
    As they speak some German I was wondering in alternative to look for general courses in German, as acting or similar…
    Any idea for us?
    Thank you for you kind asnwering.

  19. Hi Susan,

    the DO&CO and the Hotel Sacher are both luxurious but have different styles. For a traditional look and feel, choose Hotel Sacher Vienna. If you like chic modern design, and a hotel bar with the best views of 900-year-old St. Stephen’s Cathedral, go for DO&CO.
    The combination performance of the Spanish Riding School and the Vienna Boys Choir is unfortunately not on during your stay. The Spanish Riding School hosts a performance on the 21st December, though.
    Have a wonderful time in Vienna!

  20. Hi Patricia,

    a cocktail dress, or even smart casual wear, is absolutely fine in your case, unless you attend the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s Concert, or attend a Vienna Ball.
    regards, Barbara

  21. Hi Elisabetta,

    try Cultura Wien, they offer summer courses from 15 years onwards.


  22. Thank you for offering to give advice. We are in Vienna now. We would like to purchase excellent quality bakeware. I have many Viennese
    Recipes and would like to use the proper, original pans to bake in. We are near the center of the city.

  23. Hi Jeanne, try Riess Email:
    Singerstrasse 14, 1010 Vienna (at Cuisinarum)
    Kirchengasse 9a, 1070 Vienna (at Luise Niessner GesmbH)
    Hoher Markt 5, 1010 Vienna (at Rudolf Waniek)


  24. Apologies for my spelling; should read Schönbrunn.

  25. Hi Robin,

    thanks, not sure I got your initial message re Schoenbrunn?

  26. How can i book the gasometer tour? Your website for this is unavailable.

  27. Hi John,

    the link to the Gasometers’ website has been fixed, thanks. You can book directly with Andreas Poeschek by emailing him: There is no more online booking facility on their site. Hope that helps.

  28. We will be visiting Vienna via a riverboat cruise late Sept. One of the optional tours in the afternoon is Schonbrunn and we are leaning towards skipping that tour and taking a walking tour of the Old Town. including courtyards. We would like suggestions for guides but don’t want to spend 170 euros for just the 2 of us. Is there another option for guided tours that are not so expensive. Are we making a mistake by not going to the Palace? We have seen Versailees and the Winter Palace in St. P.

  29. Hi Barbara
    My wife and I have only a few days in Vienna and really just want to enjoy a few romantic days together. While there we are interested in doing a morning tour of the old city and am wondering what tour you might suggest. We don’t need to see everything but we do want to get a feel for Vienna with someone who can share some great stories and add to our overall experience.
    If there are any romantic places or things that you might suggest we do, we would love your feedback.
    We arrive on the 19th Aug and leave on the 21st.

  30. Hi Barbara:

    Find your columns and tips great.

    I love Austrian food. Can you recommend good Austrian cookbooks in english and pastry books? Anygood
    Austrian cooking websites that would have english as an option?

  31. Hi Nancy,
    this is a hard choice. However, if you have to choose between Schonbrunn and the Old Town, and have seen Versailles, you should go for the Old Town. Group walking tours cost much less, though not many of the regular tours include courtyards. Here is some inspiration and a map for a self guided courtyards walk. You can access offers for the best group walking tours in Vienna here.

    Have a great trip!

  32. Hi Dean,

    I would take the Vienna city walking tour (see my comments on Vienna walking tours). It covers the main highlights while including romantic places such as Ruprecht Church.

    If you’d like more privacy, book a private tour. The Secret Vienna Tour is certainly the most romantic, and you’ll still see key highlights. I did this tour with Regina, a local guide, who is a great story teller.

    hope that helps,

  33. Hi Blanka,

    see my two cookbook tips in Austrian food. They also include great pastry recipes, especially Tante Hertha’s Viennese Kitchen. Don’t know of English language Austrian cooking websites, I’m afraid.

    kind regards

  34. Hi, is there a way to make a day trip to Podersdorf on Neusiedlersee without a car? Thanks! Ranjith

  35. Hi Ranjith,

    yes, take the train to Wulkaprodersdorf from Wien Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) to Neusiedl am See, then take bus 871 to Podersdorf. Total journey is around 1 hour 10 min.

  36. Hello , Barbara I am planning a trip on the 23rd ,24th and 25th December . I am a bit apprehensive if the weather will play a spoil sport and be hindrance to sight seeing ? Should i cut down on the number of days? I am planning an eve at Weikersdorf Castle. What else would you advice , for a family of 4 ?

  37. Hello, Himanshu, as long as you pack some warm winter gear you should be fine with sightseeing. Most attractions, whether museums or palaces, are indoors. And there are always our great coffeehouses to warm up. If your kids are small, see my tips on what to do in Vienna with kids. See also my tips on things to do in Vienna in December. For a bespoke travel itinerary that is exactly tailored to what you want, consider the Vienna Travel Concierge. Hope this helps.

  38. Which of pre paid sim cards you recommend?
    Best regards,

  39. Hi Barbara,
    My mother and I are planning to visit Austria Dec. 22nd-Jan. 2nd. Can you recommend some good restaurants near St. Stephan’s Cathedral for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day dinner? Thank you so much!

  40. Hi Leslie,
    Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are tricky days for eating out, as many places are closed. The safest bet is to dine at a good Vienna hotel. Try the Salon at Hotel Hollmann Beletage, DO and CO at the eponymous hotel at Stephansplatz, or the restaurant at Hotel Koenig von Ungarn. You can also try restaurant Plachutta at Wollzeile, but make sure they are open before you go there.

  41. I have researched various SIM Cards in the past and tried one, which was a disaster, financially. I ended up negotiating a good deal with my own mobile phone operator. Sorry for not being able to help more with this!

  42. Hello,
    We are planning a 2 or 3 day layover in Vienna on January 1st and 2nd. We will be coming from Botswana, where we will be camping, I am wondering how formal the dress is for sightseeing, museums, and dining.
    Our space will be very limited…and dusty. I am thinking of trying to send some clothes ahead but if that doesnt work I know I will need a coat, boots but will I be able to wear jeans during the day? Do you think 1 dressy outfit is enough? Basically I know this sounds silly but I just can not figure out how formal I will need to be. We live in San Francisco, which is pretty casual .
    Thank you,

  43. Hi Mona,

    you will be fine with jeans during the day. If you plan to visit nice restaurants, concerts and opera you will need a smarter outfit, for example a day dress or trouser and jacket. Viennese love to dress smart casual but you won’t be out of range if you come in jeans and jumper. Have a lovely new year in Vienna!

  44. Barbara,
    We are a mexican familiy of 4 (kdis 19 and 21).
    We will spend Christmas in Vienna.
    We would like a special christmas eve time.
    Can you recommend a resturant/ activities.
    We have read already about Weikerdorsf Castel, but would like other options.

  45. Dear Juan, try Cafe Landtmann (they serve wonderful warm meals, too), and restaurants Oesterreicher im MAK, Das Stadthaus, and restaurant and wine bar EF16. They are all open on the 24th in the evening. best wishes, Barbara

  46. Dear Barbara,

    My family and I are interested in watching the 5th Soiree of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on 10 April 2015. I have read your piece on “Vienna Philharmonic – How to get concert tickets”, but I have also found a website that sells tickets for that event at EUR150 per ticket (but it doesn’t say what section/type of seating). Is this an inflated price or similar to what I would pay for tickets on commission (per your blog entry). Would you recommend this EUR150 ticket or should I wait for tickets on commission to be released 1 week before the concert date? Thank you.


  47. Hello Barbara,
    We will be in Vienna on the evening of the 06 December and are joining an Insight Tour on the afternoon of the 07 December. We were thinking of visiting one or a few Christmas markets when we arrive in the evening and were wondering if you may be able to recommend a route for us. We will be staying at the Hilton am Stadtpark. Also we would like to do a walking tour on Sunday morning….could you recommend something for a first time visitor. We would like a guided tour but there don’t seem to be many in December so we would be happy to do a self guided tour. Thank you !

  48. Dear Karen,
    ticket service providers usually buy event tickets in bulk and add a mark up to the sales price. This means you are likely to pay a little more but are able to secure your tickets early on. I don’t know what Musikverein charges for this particular soiree. Maybe best to call them, then compare prices and decide whether the price difference is worth it for you.

  49. Hi Lorinda,
    you may have seen the Christmas market map on Things to do in Vienna in December. If you start from Stadtpark, begin with the Christmas market on Karlsplatz, then Christkindlmarkt on Rathausplatz, and the markets on Freyung and Am Hof. That should do it for an evening. If you have time, visit the one at Altes AKH – about 20 min walk from Christkindlmarkt.

    See my Old Vienna Walk for a self-guided tour for first time visitors.

  50. Thank you Barbara ! Your advice is really appreciated…….Lorinda

  51. you are welcome, Lorinda!

  52. Hello Barabara

    I am travelling to Vienna with my Boyfriend from the 27th of February to the 1st of March. I was wondering if there are any sights that we really must see in our short time. On top of that, my boyfriend is a big piano fan and I was wondering if there is a concert hall or something similar which has an orchestra with a piano. We were also thinking of going clubbing. What would you recommend? (we are 18 and 20).

    Thanks a lot for your response.

  53. Hi Seraina,

    I would think the first three sights of these tips are must-sees. You can easily do them during your stay. On the 27th February, Wiener Konzerthaus will stage a Franz Schubert concert that includes a hammer piano. And then there are the beautiful Mozart piano sonatas in the crypt of Peterskirche, also on during your stay.
    As for clubbings, I’d recommend Flex, Grelle Forelle (electronic music) or Fluc.

  54. vielen dank! das war sehr hilfreich!

  55. gern geschehen :-)

  56. Good way of describing, and good post to take data concerning my presentation subject matter, which i
    am going to convey in school.

  57. excellent, glad you find the post useful!

  58. Where is a good meeting point at the Vienna International Airport? I arrive 1 hour ahead of my friend who is coming from Moscow. After fetching my luggage and going through passport control and customs where would be a good place to wait? Any information you can provide will be appreciated.


  59. Hi David,

    you could either meet in one of the cafes next to Arrivals, alternatively meet at the lobby of NH Hotel Vienna Airport, just across the street when you leave Arrivals. It has a nice seating area – see my photo in

  60. H Barbara!

    Your site is amazing and very comprehensive – one of the best independent travel sites I’ve seen! I’m traveling solo to Vienna from May 23-26. I’ll miss the Coffeehouse Conversations event but am interested in meeting locals or other solo travelers. Do you have any recommendations? I’m also a classical musician so I plan on splurging on the Vienna Opera to see either La Cenerentola on May 23 or Götterdämmerung on May 25.

    Thanks for your help!


  61. Hello Barbara,

    Firstly I want to thank you for a fantastic site which has informed my wife and I about our forthcoming day trip (from Bratislava) to Vienna on 31 July 2015.

    I would like to ask about the Spanish Riding School please. I note that the official site lists Architectural tours and Guided tours among the products it has on offer, and of course there are no main performances when we visit. Can you tell us what the difference is between the Architectural tour and the guided tour as I can find no reference anywhere to the Architectural tour no matter how I search the internet!

    I also note that there are discounts offered for those visitors over 65 (and also on official transport sites for tickets for the train etc). Does this mean one has to be 66 years old or more to enjoy the discounts, or is it after your 65th birthday that the discounts begin?

    Many thanks for your advice and help which will ensure we remember Vienna with many pleasant memories of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    Lee and Rong

  62. Hi Barbara;

    I will be in Vienna for a few days in October and I am going to see “Tribute to Vienna” at the Spanish Riding School. Is there a particular dress code? I am from Montreal and when I usually go for a concert here, I wear one of my black dresses with some tasteful jewelry and a “Kelly” style bag. Would this be ok or should I dress down?



  63. Hi Barbara,

    What a great site! I have two questions, if I’m allowed: Are there any tours that focus on composers? I’m looking for a tour that would visit sites related to Beethoven Mozart, Mahler, Strauss, et al. Also. I’d like a superb, classic hotel with plenty of Viennese history and atmosphere. And so I’m drawn to the Sacher, Imperial, Bristol and Grand hotels. I saw your comments on these four, but they all seem fairly similar. Any suggestions? I’m hoping to attend concerts at both the Musikverein and the Staatsoper.

    Many thanks,

  64. Aside from train, bus or renting a car how can I get from & to the airport? Are there any airport van companies?
    Or taxis & Uber? Thanks for your help.

  65. Next February my husband and I will be in Vienna. On that week will take place the Johann Strauss Ball.
    How exactly does this dance? A Dinner, a concert followed by waltz dance? Everybody could dance or is just presentation?
    There are cheaper tickets with no reserved seats. So how about it? One is left standing all the time, or there is kind of a stand? We are aware about the dress code ( I already read your post about it) but I would like to know more about the ball itself.


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